Fagor Electric Pressure Cooker vs Power Pressure Cooker XL

Fagor Electric Pressure Cooker vs Power Pressure Cooker XL

Fagor Electric Pressure Cooker vs Power Pressure Cooker XL


I have decided to deviate from my normal 5 Kitchen Gadgets this Friday because I have found one so amaze balls it deserves it’s own review. Today we are going to go into the wonderful world of electric pressure cookers. Electric wha? Electric who? Buckle up fair readers – I am about to make your life a whole lot better.

Have you ever watched an infomercial that was soo good you almost ordered it? I am ashamed to admit that I almost just did that! I was flipping from HGTV over to the Food Network and came across the Power Pressure Cooker XL infomercial in mid run. I paused for a second – and the promptly got sucked in.

It slices, it dices, it makes everything and it is only three payments of $33.33! Seriously, it looked like a magic pot that you put food into for 3 minutes and out came a mind blowing meal! I had my credit card ready! I also had my iPad – so I started doing a little bit of research.

I checked the reviews online – the were actually pretty good. The Power Pressure Cooker XL did look a little on the cheap side. For $99 bucks – who cares, right! Then I read a review that called out that it had a teflon coating and it’s potential cancer causing effects.

I have mixed feelings about teflon. Don’t get me wrong – I still have some teflon pots and pans. (which I still use) My thoughts were that this would be cooking under pressure and at high temperatures. Probably not the best idea. I thought, why take the chance?

In addition, the reviews I read said construction and reliability wasn’t all that great. I decided to do a little more research before committing to a new kitchen device.

I found out For a little bit more ($30 more) I could have an electric pressure cooker that wasn’t coated in teflon. As luck would have it, I received my Fall edition of the Sur La Table magazine. Guess what was featured? A  Fagor Lux Multi Pressure Cooker. It had fab reviews and wasn’t coated in teflon. Oh, and it was marked down and had a coupon! It was a no brainer. I was getting it.

Electric pressure cookers reduce cooking time by up to 75%. It’s like a slow cooker – turbo charged!

I have could not be happier with my Fagor Lux Multi Pressure Cooker! It is well designed and feels solid.The first night I made one of the most tender and delicious roasts I have ever made in under an hour. (recipe coming soon) The next night I made a Chicken, Shrimp & Sausage Cajun Boil in 8 minutes! A couple days later – homemade chili with un-soaked beans in 45 minutes.

My mind is blown. Seriously, one of the best kitchen gadgets I have bought in a long time. That is saying a lot – because I buy a lot of kitchen gadgets!

I love this kitchen gadget so much I will be adding a series of recipes dedicated to my new B.F.F. – My Fagor Lux Multi Pressure Cooker.

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