Club W Wine Review

I love wine so much that I drink it like allll the time! So much so, that I have never been able to keep wine on hand! I know, I know I am a lush, however, I prefer the term – Professional Drinker!

What follows is my Club W Wine Review

When I wake up in the morning and grab my phone – I like to get caught up on the book of face (aka Facebook). I absolutely hate mornings – so I need few minutes to convince myself to get out of bed. This particular morning I saw a post from a friend who had signed up for Club W Wine Club.

Oooh, a wine club? I like wine and I used to like to go to clubs. It just never occurred to me to join a wine club. I clicked through to the site and was greeted by a little survey that walks you through some questions about what you like to eat and taste so it can gauge your palate aka taste buds. Super simple and fast.

The survey helps gauge what kind of wine to recommend. I love that I now have a palate profile saved! I am such an adult! A few minutes later a whole list of wine I had never heard of pops up. My palate changes with the season (cuz I am fancy like that) – you can update it whenever you want.

Mind you, it’s 7:30AM and I am shopping or wine in my bed. God bless the internet!!

Here is how the basics of Club W Wine Club works:

3 bottles of wine for $39 bucks plus $6 in shipping (that’s 13 bucks a bottle!). If you add on 3 more bottles you get free shipping! I always add 3 more – I gotsta have my free shipping!

It is a monthly membership. Don’t worry, I am afraid of long term commitments too – I just broke up with my gym and it cost me $$$. (never ever ever again!!) I checked and double checked – you can cancel or skip a month whenever you want. So, it is an flexible relationship.

Club W Wine Club Review

Who doesn’t love free wine!


I ordered 12 bottles to start. I had made up my mind right there and then that I would have a fully stocked wine rack! I just would buy more than I could drink! Genius!!

 A week or so went by. I had totally forgot about order from Club W. I got home from work on a Friday to see this GINORMOUS box waiting for me with the words Club W prominently displayed on the box. It was like Christmas and my Birthday rolled into one!

I tore open the box. (Okay, maybe I squealed a little, please don’t tell anyone) All my wine was expertly packed. Not only was everything perfect – there were little flash cards with notes about what makes the wine so delish. On the back was a kick ass recipe that went with the wine.

Mind blown. This was the best club I had ever joined!


Club W Wine Club Review

My first Club W Wine Club haul.

Over the next month we systematically went through most of the bottles. I even made a couple of the recipes. They were actually fab! So much fun! I honestly loved every single bottle of wine. I felt like each bottle was an adventure.

On my next order I got the 6 bottles of wine – remember free shipping when you get 6!! Below is a video of the unboxing of the Club W Wine. This time I got a free tote bag. One of the wines was called Summer Water – the bag says the same. Love it! I am gonna use tonight when I hit up the Whole Foods!!

What it Feels Like to get Club W Wine Package



So with the help of Club W Wine Club I have become a real adult that has wine on hand at all times. I love walking by my wine rack an seeing it stocked. Heck, I even had to move a few bottles to the pantry because I ran out of room. My mom would be so proud!!


Club W Wine Review

My Wine Rack – Fully Stocked!


One last note on shipping in the heat: I just found out that Club W uses refrigerated shipping to the nearest Fedex hub to your house. If you are concerned about the heat you can have them keep it there for you to pick up. I don’t mind that it has to take a short drive from the Fedex hub to my house unrefrigerated. Basically, that’s what I would be doing if I had bought it at the store.

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