Mango Sorbet with Grilled Pineapple

IMG_1882IMG_1899I wish I could take complete credit for this delicious Mango Sorbet with Grilled Pineapple because it is borderline genius. It’s so rich and decadent that you forget you are actually eating fresh fruit… well mostly. It has a very satisfying decadence about it that can turn you into a greedy biatch that won’t share. I know this because I was that (insert expletive).

This recipe is courtesy of a fab cooking class at Sur La Table that my hubby got me for my birthday. We made a date nigh out of it. The name of the class was “Grilling Made Easy”. We got to learn how to cook an entire meal from a local chef. All the ingredients were included – I wish I had known you could bring a bottle of vino to enjoy. I won’t let that happen again!

It was almost too much fun watching Sammy cook. Haha – cooking is not his usual forte. It was fun cooking too. The standout was definitely this insanely delicious Mango Sorbet with Grilled Pineapple.

Mango Sorbet with Grilled Pineapple

Prep time: 

Cook time: 

Total time: 

Serves: 6

  • 6 cups Frozen Mango Chunks
  • ½ cup Water
  • ¾ cup Sugar
  • 1 small Lime Juiced
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 1 tsp Rosemary
  • 1 whole Pineapple
  • Vegetable Oil
  1. Add frozen mango chunks to a quality blender. If you have an inexpensive blender you probably want to divide the recipe in two or let the mango defrost. Trust me - this mixture will not play well with a $30 dollar blender!
  2. Add water, sugar, and juice of one lime an salt to the party. (that means the blender)
  3. I recommend doing a couple pulsing runs to get the ingredients moving. Once the blender takes off just let it do its thing until everything is evenly blended.
  4. Do you have an ice cream maker? Great! You put the Mango Sorbet in your machine and let it does its thing. Once done in the ice cream machine it can be served up immediately.
  5. No ice cream maker? No problemo! Just pour the Mango Sorbet mixture into a long narrow air tight container. I recommend the Tovolo Glide-A-Scoop Ice Cream Tub. It is AMAZE! It makes scooping and serving ice cream fun. (it also makes it easier to scoop perfect ice cream balls). You will need to freeze this overnight.
  6. Core your pineapple or you can buy one that is already done for you in the produce section of your grocery. I highly recommend fresh pineapple over canned. If you want to core your own you gotta check this super bad ass easy pineapple corer. It makes pineapple prep super duper easy.
  7. For the grilled pineapple you can do this on your grill or you can do it in a grill pan on your stove top. Whichever you use make sure you oil the cooking surface with vegetable oil with. You can use a silicone brush or a regular basting brush as long as you haven't turned on the heat.
  8. The pineapple should be in nice even circles. Grill for about 4 minutes on each side. You want to make sure you get nice grill marks on each side.
  9. I like to let the pineapple cool for a couple minutes before plating it.
  10. Pull your Mango Sorbet out of the freezer - you don't have to wait for it to defrost a bit (most sorbets you do) Scoop up a generous serving with your ice cream scoop and serve it on top of the grilled pineapple.
  11. Sprinkle a little chopped rosemary for a flavor kick and a little color.
  12. Serve - and enjoy the sounds of the mmmm's and oooooh's.


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