How to Cook Bacon on the Grill

I love bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon? Well, besides the vegans and the vegetarians. Bacon really does make everything better!! Bacon’s not just for breakfast. I use it on all kinds of stuff like roasted brussell sprouts with you guessed it bacon!

So, you are wondering how to cook bacon? Seems pretty simple, right? You get the bacon, you throw it in a pan and let the magic happen. To be honest, I used to think that cooking bacon was kinda hard. That’s why I rarely cooked bacon at home. It’ messy, I could never get it crispy and worst of all it made my house smell like memaw’s country diner for 3 days after.

Oh and don’t forget the splattering grease that erupts from the frying pan. I know in my heart of hearts that it would only be a matter of time before I put my eye out with the grease of death leaping out of the pan.

When we moved into our big new house, I bought big bad ass grill. It has 6 burners!! I was very intimidated by it at first but have come to love it. I cook on it almost daily. It never occurred to me to use it to cook, you guessed it, bacon!! A good friend of mine who was visiting suggested that I should be cooking bacon on the grill. He said he did it all the time and it was basically awesome.

Cooking bacon on a grill? WTF? Cue record skipping sound bite. Genius. Absolute genius!! Why in the hell had I never thought of this!

I initially started cooking in a grilling skillet on the extra burner. This worked ok. It was soo much better than cooking it inside. I hated it because I could never get all the bacon cooked at one time!! Trust me, people always want more bacon!!

I finally got smart and bought a cast iron griddle that I could use on the grill to cook bacon (and other things) on the grill.

So basically, something magical happened when I got this cast iron griddle. Since that magical day I have been able to easily make beautiful bacon in abundance! I have found the best way to cook bacon. No splattering grease to worry about. My house doesn’t smell like IHOP and it’s crispy just the way I like it.



The Best Way to Cook Bacon – Cooking Bacon on a Grill

1. I have two places I like to get bacon. Sam’s or Costco have beautiful pre-packaged bacon at a great price – you do have to buy it in bulk. The next is at the grocery store. Bypass the bacon area and head to the meat department. It’s usually a little cheaper and the bacon is cut nice and thick which is perfect for cooking bacon on the grill. 1 pound is enough to feed about 6-8 people.

2. Heat your grill. I use a medium heat. Close the lid and let it all heat up to about 400 degrees.

3. Put your bacon on your cast iron griddle. I like to pack my bacon super close to each other. As you cook bacon it shrinks down. Your cast iron griddle should fit about 1lb of bacon.

4. Bring your cast iron griddle out to the grill. (don’t forget your mimosa) Put it on and leave the lid open.

5. Cook the bacon approx 10 minutes. It’s time to flip when you can see some grill marks and a little bit of brown on the side that is cooking on the grill.

6. Cook this side for about 3-5 minutes and then flip again.

7. Cook for about 1-2 minutes and remove. Don’t be afraid to cook the bacon. You want your bacon to be a nice rich reddish brown color.

8. I like to line a plate with paper towels to put the bacon on. The paper towels absorb some of the excess grease.

9. I leave the griddle outside to cool. Once I am done with breakfast (or dinner) I go back out to get the cast iron grill. I keep a metal coffee can to but the bacon drippings into. I don’t like pouring it down the drain – I have old plumbing. I use the bacon grease to cook all kinds of yummy things.

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