Kitchen Gadgets Friday – Vol 2

Every Friday, I bring you five of the fun and interesting kitchen gadgets. Some are just plain amusing, but lots of them solve a problem that most of us didn’t know had a solution.

Kitchen Gadgets Friday

Zitrom Silicone BBQ Gloves Review

Zitrom Silicone BBQ Gloves This is one of many types of silicone kitchen items that have come onto the market. They are used as oven gloves and hot pads. The best part is that they are so easy to clean. Rather than a washing machine, like traditional oven gloves, these gloves can be washed with dish soap and left to dry.

Bheema Party Soda Fizz SaverThis is one of the crazier, but neater ideas on this week’s list. This device screws onto the top of a 2-liter soda bottle. There is only one review on Amazon, but the person says that it works. We’re not sure how well it stands up, but the concept is genius. It uses the carbonation of soda pop to power a spigot, making every bottle of soda into a dispensing machine. This is a must-try for your next party.


Belkin Kitchen Stand and StylusWe’ve all done it: Found a recipe on our tablet, kept it in the kitchen to work from, and made a mess of the screen. Belkin has found a graceful and simple solution: The Belkin Kitchen Stand. It holds your iPad, Kindle, or other tablet upright and gives you a stylus to negotiate the screen. It’s easy to see the screen and no more food-covered hands on your precious electronic devices.


InterDesign 255 00 Clean & Dirty Dishwasher IndicatorA simple, ingenious solution to one of life’s most vexing questions: are they dirty or are they clean? As soon as the dishwasher is emptied, you can turn this little indicator that shows everyone that it is okay to put dirty dishes in. It adheres with a suction cup and spins on its axis, so it is less likely to get lost. This will likely save hundreds of family arguments.


Zyliss Easy Tomato Slicer I just bought this puppy at a local restaurant supply. I had just had a convo with G about how slicing tomatoes is a pain in the butt. This little gadget slices tomatoes in 1/2″ slices like a champ. Now I can have perfect tomato slices whenever I want – sandwiches, burgers and perfect caprese salads!


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