My Ever Evolving Kitchen

When we bought this house my realtor thought we were crazy. The place was literally on it’s last leg. There were two things that spoke to me and eventually sold me on wanting to buy McBoxHage Manor – the kitchen and the layout of the house.

The kitchen was so big – I couldn’t wrap my head around having that much space! It just went on for days and days! I loved the big white cabinets. I hated just about everything else. The previous owners didn’t take care of ANYTHING during their 7 year ownership of the house. Anything nice was definitely done by someone before them.

We had the counter tops redone, new backsplash, new floors, popcorn ceilings scraped, new lighting, and new appliances added. We still need to redo the hardware on the cabinets and have them painted. The kitchen is an ongoing project!

I thought it would be fun to post a few pics on what it looks like before and after. I know I needed some inspiration when we started. I never thought the kitchen would look as good as it does – Thanks to my awesome contractor Tim at Stellar Renovations!

I used some photo’s shot from both my iPhone 6 and my Canon T4i to give you an idea of all the changes.

I will keep posting the evolution in this post. In the meantime, I need to get back to the kitchen! 
old kitchen view2

McBoxHage Manor Kitchen IMG_9151IMG_9158old kitchen

McBoxHage Manor KitchenIMG_9169



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