So I Bought this Dump! The McBoxHage Manor Story Begins.

Buying a home is the ultimate American Dream! Right? Buying a fixer upper is what happens after watching hours and hours of HGTV. I meant it can’t be that hard, right?

Cue ominous horror movie music.

My husband and I bought this house after a lengthy negotiating process. When we told our realtor, Katie Aspen Realty (if you are in Dallas) we wanted to buy the house, she told us to run (not walk) away from the house. It’s a dump and a money pit!! You are cray cray!

I asked her if she doubted my big gay ability to transform ugly into pretty? (I do hair too) She paused – Chris, I don’t even think you have the power to make this happen. I took this as a challenge and accepted on the spot.

We bought the house in November of 2014. It has become the project of a lifetime. Most days are great – some days are scary as F*CK! Sometimes $1,000 repair weeks happen! Sometimes the roof leaks. Sometimes you don’t want just want a lazy Sunday Funday!!

It’s so big (to us!) we lovingly call it McBoxHage Manor – which is a combo of my husband, our roomie aka “wifey” and my name. Just so you know the x is silent. Also, the¬†pool house has this weird stained glass mural that reminded us a cult. When people visit the house I hand them a small cup of kool aid and tell them to drink up. (JK)

I love this house and all the amazing things we get to do here. That’s why I decided to document all the things I am learning about our house.

Stay tuned.





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