Christopher Box

Christopher Box

Ideally, I should be a 26-32 year old blond haired, blue eyed, sassy female writing a food/lifestyle blog on the side – with dreams of one day doing it full time so she could work from home and take care of the kids while creating content for said blog. Unfortunately, I am a 34-39 (as of this writing) baldy with brown eyes, (I can be sassy) however, I am not women. (although when confronted with a garden snake it would be hard for you to tell the difference)

I would love to do this full time. I have a passion for food and entertaining. My house (and by my house I mean my husband and I) is a place where food meets booze meets the pool and turns into a loud mix of family and friends.

This whole site is dedicated to all the adventures we have in our awesome home that we lovingly call McBoxHage Manor. To say it was a fixer upper is an understatement. It was a dump – with a great layout.

MxBoxHage Manor May 2015

MxBoxHage Manor May 2015

I wanted to create more than just another food blog. We have 3,200 sqft of space to entertain and live our life. There is also 3,200 sqft of space that desperately needed renovating! I didn’t want to limit what I am writing about to just food. I have way more to Cher. Who doesn’t love to Cher? (Insert hair flip here)

I am a self taught dude. It’s just way I roll! I love learning new things. The perfect day is a trip to Lowes or to the grocery store followed by a intense DIY project. Have I mentioned my addiction to HGTV? Google and Youtube are good friends of mine too.

I am not a chef or a contractor – I just play one on TV, I mean on this blog. I am a salon owner and professional hairdresser and I write about beauty stuff on my other website – www.thebeautyboxsalon.com. I have been doing hair for 20 years – I am ready to write about my other passions – Food and DIY!

The Beauty Box Salon

The Beauty Box Salon

We don’t have kids. God bless all who do. You are saints! We do have two chihuahua’s – Nacho and Scully. Nacho thinks he is a mini German Shepherd. Please don’t tell him any differently, I don’t think his ego could handle it.

ScullyMonster & NachoBeast


Oh, I forgot to mention that my wife also lives with Sammy and I. (Sammy is the aforementioned “husband”)

Still taking that in? Well, the truth is she is a dear friend who I lovingly call Wifey. G, as she is known, resides in the other master bedroom down the hall. She puts the Hage in McBoxHage Manor. Over the years she has become my sous chef. I can’t make all the magic happen without my G! I have got to Cher her taco and Mexican rice recipe!! (if she will let me)

Me, G, & Sammy - the night we bought McBoxHage Manor.

Me, G, & Sammy – the night we bought McBoxHage Manor.

So that’s the back story. Now, let’s get this party started!! Cocktails anyone?

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